My tattoo experiences.


The first time I had a tattoo was just over a year and a half ago, I had thought about it and planned it all for around a year. Walking through town one day shortly before one of my A-level exams, I decided that today would be the day. While I sat my exam, I sent my boyfriend off to enquire if I could get it done that day as I had already checked out the studio that I wanted to get it done at. Unfortunately, there were no slots free so I ended up booking in the appointment for a couple of weeks later. The day came round and I was absolutely buzzing with excitement!

I had brought my boyfriend with me who had previously had a tattoo and he tried his best to convince me that I was going to die and the pain would be so horrific that I wouldn’t be able to stand it, but as soon as we got to the studio they told him off for trying to worry me. Once the stencil was all sorted – I asked them to change the lettering so the first letter was lower case – I was taken through into the back room where the artist (Jacqui at Underground) started setting up her equipment. A guy was having a large script on his chest so I was taking an interest in that while waiting.
Finally it was time to get down to business, while talking about what she was having for dinner Jacqui started tattooing me. The only part which hurt vaguely was the ‘e’ and then it was all done. I had a perfect word ‘spero’ (which means hope in Latin) on my left wrist.

I emerged and was still completely ecstatic as I went to buy some Bepanthen for the healing process, my friend phoned me and I informed her it didn’t hurt at all. The healing process was absolutely fine, I left it well alone apart from applying the cream and didn’t have any problems with it. Although the next exam I went in for, everyone wanted to have a look and a few people touched it. The lettering is still really clear and a good colour so I’m hoping it will stay that way and I’m completely glad I got it. It means a lot to me for personal reasons and obviously means that much more because it’s my first one.

The next one wasn’t such an easy one to have done! Again I’d planned it for ages and decided I would have three stars down my back, the first being blue, the second being red and the third being baby pink – again personal reasons for the colours and meanings behind them. I chose the size I wanted when I want back to Underground (a couple of months later but they had relocated by this point) but the size looks a lot different on your body! Most people when they see my ‘spero’ comment on how lovely it is, the first comment I get about my stars is how massive they are.

Anyway, this time I had opted to take a friend with me and, as the new studio’s layout was different, she was able to sit in the waiting area and look at my face contorted into all sorts of weird positions no doubt. It took over an hour to do and my god did I feel the pain! The bits closest to my spine were awful, it was more of a burning pain though than actual pain. I was highly glad when it was over. There was a bit of bleeding from the middle star, which is where some of the colour has come out – I keep meaning to get it recoloured but have never got round to it.

I again used Bepanthen but discovered the perils of having a tattoo on your back ie I could get to the top and the bottom ones but my arms weren’t quite long enough to reach the middle star – which probably contributed to the colour loss as well. Overall the healing still wasn’t too bad. It’s weird having a tattoo on your back as it’s so easy for forget about it. Even dressing to go to places where it’s not acceptable for it to be on show is weird because sometimes you turn round and see that they’re on show.

Despite having planned another two tattoos for a while, I hadn’t got round to actually getting them done. One day on the way home from Birmingham i was walking through town and decided that I was going to have another one. A motto of mine has always been ‘forgive but don’t forget’ and I use Teeline shorthand as part of my job so I decided to combine the two. Unfortunately the place I went to (Skill in Skin) couldn’t get me in as it was late on a Saturday.

I decided I’d go along on the Monday and left my hand written copy of what the phrase was in shorthand. On the Monday after work, I went down and waited around for a bit until the guy was free. When we got started, the pain was absolutely immense – much worse than either of my other two and actual pain this time rather than a burning sensation. I was really glad I’d been given a drink in a bottle so I could grab hold of that as tightly as possible.

When it was over it actually looked amazing though – and the best thing was it was in my handwriting because my original words had been scanned in to produce the stencil. Healing again was fine, no problems.

Hopefully this will get updated soon when the next one finally gets done.


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