Review: Skins.


Is anyone else finding the latest series of Skins isn’t making as much of an impact as the others? For the first three series I sat glued to my laptop (having found it late so spent a huge chunk of time catching up). But this series I find myself being able to wander away from the TV or go and make something to eat while it’s on because it’s just not that gripping. In the first and second series I found myself caring about whether Chris was going to die and what they all got in their A-levels. In the third series I wanted to know whether Effy was going to get with Freddie or Cook, now I’m just slightly blasé about whether Naomi and Emily are going to stay together and the various other issues.

Having said that, I did particularly like the last episode (although I still find the whole Ronni Ancona/John Bishop pairing odd even if it does work well) as I love James Fitch (Redd Smith). Emily and Katie definitely have the best family members in terms of exciting plot lines.

I think what we’re all waiting for is Effy’s episode, a lot of my enjoyment of episodes seems to be based on whether I like the main character in that episode (understandably), so I hated the first one in the series as I really don’t find myself caring about Thomas – although he seems to be different in the rest of the series. It’s odd how some of the characters seem to be so manipulative and horrible in their own episode and so lovely in other people’s – or vice versa.

Another thing which is exciting is thinking about what they’re going to do with Series 5. On wikipedia (reliable source I know) it says there’s been some speculation that James Fitch will be the main character for it- but is he going to be old enough? I’d only put him at about 13 now, so surely they need someone more mature? Maybe the whole cast will change with no Effy for continuity?

I’m not sure what I’d like to see, I certainly don’t want it to end but I think it may get boring if they just bring in a whole new set of kids to go through sixth form. Maybe we could go and see the Series 3/4 characters at uni? But then I’d maybe like to see what the Series 1/2 characters did at uni? Either way, I think something new needs to happen to make Series 5 the most unmissable yet.


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