Music 20/02/10.


I love new music and am always trying to add more to my collection. Some of my favourite songs at the moment are:

Bitch, i love you – Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears: A little gem I picked up a while back, it’s so relaxing and makes me want to sit and sway along!

Bad romance – Lady Gaga: Who could fail to like a song which features such genious lyrics as ‘Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah. Gaga Ooh-la-la!’? It’s been around for a long time now but I’m loving it. I wish she’d performed it at the Brits!

Black and gold – Ellie Goulding:
The original got a bit boring because it was so overplayed when it came out but this is a good little cover of it. I love her voice! And the Brit award was well deserved for her original work such as Starry eyed. One to watch.

Rehab – Frankmusik:
I think this is my current favourite out of all the covers of Rehab I have. Makes me dance but not too wild to have as a bit of background music. I’ve heard a lot about Frankmusik but only just starting listening, it looks promising!

Halo/walking on sunshine – Glee cast:
Yes, it’s cheesy, yes it’s terrible. But I love, love, love it! What more could you want from a mash-up. Some of the music coming out of this hit programme is so bad it’s good. Gotta love a bit of stage school, badly mimed pop 🙂

Enjoy the silence – Lacuna Coil: recommended I might like this band (well worth a check out, just type in some of the bands you like already and it recommends some new music to you) and I do! This Depeche Mode cover is absolutely fab, so atmospheric and I like it more than the original. A lot of music I’m liking at the moment seems to be covers, but you can’t knock a band when they’ve done something really new and fresh with an old song.

I’m not calling you a liar – Florence and the Machine:
The woman of the moment! When she first burst on the scene I got all of the Lungs album but I kind of skipped through everything until this track made me sit up and take notice. Since then I’ve grown to love every single track on the album but I had to pick this one simply because it was the one that I loved from first listen. Her voice is amazing, I just hope she continues bringing out ace songs. I’m also one of the people that hasn’t got bored of ‘You got the love’ yet.

Intuition – Jewel: A new find today, on first listen she sounds great. This song has particularly got me smiling. Sounds almost like Sharika for about two seconds in the middle, but less howling like a wolf.

Starstrukk – 3oh!3: Getting very old now and the subject of many facebook groups. Makes me want to don some neon gear and dance around like a loon. ‘All the people on the street know’ how great it is.

You never know – Immortal Technique: Hard to pick one of his songs that I like best but this song gets me every time. It’s lovely.  A friend introduced me to him a few years ago saying he was one of the rappers who actually had decent lyrics and I completely agree! Dance with the devil is another amazing one.


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