In the news: Walsall residents certainly aren’t cross about this national story.


Before about half past eight this morning, I wouldn’t have said my home town had anything in common with Bethlehem. However the beautiful (I’m not being sarcastic at all) town of Walsall has now played host to the world’s second most famous cruxification. I logged on to facebook before work and one of my friend’s statuses was about someone hanging themselves on a lamppost – feeling a little confused, I clicked on to the facebook group dedicated to the man which had already attracted over 750 members in little over 24 hours after the event (!/group.php?gid=332499727168&ref=mf).

This then led me to The Yam Yam – a source of local news which I have to admit I hadn’t heard of before – which informed me that a semi-clothed man was found hanging from a Jesus-style cross in ‘some sort of protest.’ (The Yam Yam’s report can be found at

While sitting at my desk at work a couple of hours later (about thirty miles away from Walsall), one of my colleagues who also hails from the same part of the world marched in and triumphantly placed a copy of today’s Sun on my desk. A quick browse on their website and, yep, it’s on there:

Only in Walsall eh?


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