Review: Valentine’s Day (the film, not the actual day)


I didn’t have very high hopes for this film although there are plenty of famous faces in the cast (Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts and both Jessicas- Biel and Alba – to name but a few). However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I started caring about their lives and wondering what was going to happen. The premise of the film is pretty simple, it tracks the lives of various couples (or non-couples) on Valentine’s Day in LA. Plus most of their lives intertwine in some way. There are engagements, affairs, flights, heartbreak etc. to keep the viewer occupied for the two hours this film is on screen.

Admittedly, most of the happy (or not so happy) endings were fairly predictable but there were a couple of surprises and, in particularly, the last scene is a bit of a tear jerker! Overall, I don’t think there were any stand-out performances despite the star studded cast but then again there weren’t any disappointing performances. Taylor Swift was pretty annoying but I haven’t seen enough of her in anything else to know whether she annoys me generally or whether it was just the character she was playing. Also, how ugly is the other Taylor (who she was going out with for a while), especially his nose. I couldn’t stop myself staring at it wondering what she ever saw in him! (Yes, I know these aren’t particularly intellectual comments!).

After the film, a comment was made that it was better than It’s Complicated (which I saw on my last cinema trip), however I disagree. It’s Complicated gave me tonnes of laughs and I thought Meryl Streep was brilliant in it, plus I can remember more of what happened than I can about Valentine’s Day – which I saw on Friday – so obviously it’s left more of an impression on me.

Overall, Valentine’s Day is a 6 I think, I enjoyed it and wouldn’t object to watching it again but I wouldn’t race out to buy the DVD.


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