A to Z of music.


So for this one I thought I’d do something a little bit different. This is an A to Z of bands but I’ve picked them purely for one song. Definitely could have done loads more for each. Here goes:

A is for Alanis Morrisette – Your house. I’ve picked this song because it’s one of the most emotive songs I think I’ve ever heard. I have the accappella version so it’s just her voice on its own which is amazing. It’s just the journey you go on with her through the song, the lyrics to me really conjure up the image of what she’s describing. Her voice is heartbreakingly emotive. It makes me feel a little bit funny inside and I don’t think I’ve ever got to the end without having a little tear! (Yes, very soppy I know).
So forgive me love if I cry in your shower/So forgive me love for the salt in your bed.

B is for Blood Red Shoes – A.d.h.d. This was the first song of Blood Red Shoes’ that I heard when it was played on Radio 1’s new music show. It was the start of a long obsession with Laura Mary Carter, seeing them play it live was a definite highlight of their show. I just love the whole male/female, guitar/drums combo. And I just love her style, she’s too beautiful!
I’m so, I’m so distracted/I can’t concentrate on anything at all.

C is for The Commitments – Mustang Sally. I don’t think I need to explain this one at all, one of the most recognisable songs and an absolute classic. I started watching the film based on the band once and keep meaning to find it out from somewhere and watch it all the way through.
You’ve been running all over town/Oh, I guess you gotta put those flat feet on the ground.

D is for Dolly Parton – Working nine to five. Anyone who doesn’t know me will be laughing, anyone who does will know my love for Dolly! The best thing is that my best friend made a CD full of videos and pictures of memories together for my 18th birthday which included this song so whenever I listen to it now it reminds me of good times!
They let you dream just to watch ’em shatter/You’re just a step on the boss man’s ladder/But you’ve got dreams he’ll never take away.
E is for Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed. I wrote about my love for Ellie Goulding in my last music blog. I think she’s absolutely amazing and I really hope she goes far.
Handle bars, and then I let go, let go for anyone/Take me in, and throw out my heart and get a new one.

F is for Florence and the Machine – You’ve got the love. I absolutely cannot get bored of this song even though it’s been overplayed on the radio (and overplayed on my iPod). I just cannot tire of it, I think it will be one of my favourites for a long time to come.
Sooner or later in life, the things you love you lose.

G is for Gym Class Heroes – The queen and i – I’d had Gym Class Heroes on my iPod for a long time but then not too long ago I noticed this song, the lyrics I love and the chorus I love even more!
Oh no, she’s at the bottom of that bottle/She’s only one more swallow/From being oh so hollow.

H is for Hole – Celebrity skin. Oh make me over, I’m all I wanna be. This song got me right from the first line. Yeah she’s a bit of a mess nowadays but this Courtney Love song is ace. I love her almost as much as I love Kurt Cobain! A very talented but tragic partnership. I think it’s the lyrics I like best in this song.
When I wake up/In my make up/It’s too early for that dress.

I is for Immortal Technique – Dance for the devil. There aren’t too many songs that deal with such dark themes that are explored in these lyrics that you could describe as beautiful. The piano background to this song is simply amazing. I admit the first time my friend played this to me I was a little bit shocked but there’s plenty of meaning behind it, as with all of his other songs.
Devils used to be gods, angels that fell from the top/There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot.

J is for Johnny Cash – Hurt. Another song which simply gets me and causes a lump in the back of my throat as soon as it starts. It’s the video to it as well and just how ill and old his voice sounds, as if he’s just ready to give up. There’s something in those words as well.
What have I become?/My sweetest friend/Everyone I know/Goes away in the end/ And you could have it all/My empire of dirt/I will let you down/I will make you hurt.

K is for Katherine Jenkins – Kiss from a rose. I was actually listening to my mom’s CDs when I found this song. I quite like Katherine Jenkins as I’ve seen her Piers Morgan interview and other things she’s done but I wouldn’t say it was my kind of music. However, her voice on this is (perhaps not shockingly) beautiful. I didn’t really like the original but this is a very different cover and I quite enjoy it.
You became the light on the dark side of me/Love remained a drug that’s the high and not the pill.

L is for Lucy in the Sky – Famous. She’s so bad she’s good. I get the impression she loves herself a little bit too much and there’s a really bad Elvis bit in the middle of this song plus really bad lyrics. But I love it!
Shine/Everybody wants their time/Standing singing in the rain.

M is for Marina and the Diamonds – Obsessions. Every time I hear people raving about Hollywood and every time I listen to it on the radio, I feel slightly disappointed. I found this song and Seventeen before Hollywood came out and I honestly don’t think it’s a patch on this song. I love the lyrics, I love her. Going places? Yes I think so.
One minute I’m a little sweetheart/And the next you’re an absolute creep.

N is for The Noisettes – Sister rosetta. When I worked at Topshop, I used to listen to this song on my way into work to get me into a great mood. Brilliant for turning your iPod right up and really blasting it. I love her voice but I have to say I was disappointed with her collaboration with Dizzee Rascal at the Children in Need thing last year.
Baby when I am laid to rest/May my laughter remain/Like your kiss blew me away.

O is for Operator Please – It’s just a song about ping pong. I used to have this song as my ringtone for a long time and I used to hate answering the phone as I wanted to keep the song playing. I’ve never lost my love for it and I love all their other songs as well.
I got my got my got my got my racket in hand/Not leaving till I play don’t think you understand/With that dirty dirty dirty dirty look on your face/I bet you know beef jerky has an after taste/GO!

P is for Peggy Sue and the Pirates – Shot of tuaca. I heard this song on myspace ages ago but I couldn’t find it despite having found all their other songs. But then I finally got it and it was worth the wait. I love the simplicity of their songs.
Well you must have misheard me over the din/Cause all I suggested was to get a round in.

Q is for Queens of the Stone Age – Little sister. Now there’s not a great selection for bands which begin with Q, but this song immediately sprang to mind. It’s one of those anthemic type songs that I’m surprise wasn’t bigger than it is. I love, love, love the guitar riff in the middle.
They say I’ll only do you wrong/We come together cause I understand/Just who you really are, baby

R is for Roisin Murphy – Foolish. Another one that I tend to put on any playlist I make. Just brings a smile to my face, I love her other songs as well.
There is never any remedy/For what we’ve got/Just memories of memories/Too soon forgot.

S is for Simian Mobile Disco- Audacity of huge. This was playing all the time in Topshop when I went back to do some cover for them so it must have been last summer. I played it to a couple of people who didn’t like it but it was certainly appreciated at TS. Just another song you can’t fail to bop along to, my version is really quiet though so I need to sort that one out!
I got that honey-dipped tennis wear just for play/I got the sun to set you know I always got so vain.

T is for Tegan and Sara – I was walking with a ghost. I love all their stuff, them and Tilly and the Wall are just brilliant. I also like the White Stripes version of the song (which I think was the original? I need to find that out).
No matter which way you go/No matter which way you stay/You’re out of my mind.

U is for Uffie – Dismissed. It’s pretentious, it’s bratty, it sounds like a 15 year old having a strop after they’ve just learnt some new swear words. Do we love it? Yes we do!
I just do my thing tight and I don’t care about hypes/So run back to your computer, your mom and your crack pipe.

V is for VV Brown – Quick fix. I love VV Brown, where’s she disappeared to now? Although I swear I saw her in some pics of the latest M&S ad shoot so maybe that answered my question. I love the voice, I hate the hair.
I never knew I could find anybody like you/The way you walk, way you talk, way you glow in the room.

W is for The Wombats – Little miss pipedream. I just love the desperation and the stories that unfold in all of their songs. Music for this is ace as well.
And I can’t say I blame him ‘cos I’d cheat a priest just to get to you.

X is for The XX – Teardrops. I first found this band on myspace and I found this brilliant cover. Despite having many more of their songs now, Teardrops is still my favourite.
Footsteps on the dance floor/Reminds me baby of you/Teardrops in my eyes/Next time I’ll be true, yeah.Y is for Young Knives – She’s attracted to. I just can’t help smiling at this song and bopping around a little bit. Definitely has reminded one of my favourites since I first heard it a couple of years ago.
Who are these people?/They’re too stupid to be your real parents.
You were screaming at your mom and I was punching your dad.

Z is for Zombie Disco Squad – Straight boy. A strange robotic, repetitive, nonsensical mess which blurs together to make one hell of a song. I just love it.
I’ve been riding all day/I’ve been riding all night, all night.


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