KP’s nuts.


How brilliant, Katie Price is reportedly making a film about her life (source: I’m torn between the fact that it would be so horrific I’d want to go and see it for the biggest laugh ever and the fact that a) I wouldn’t want to waste my hard earned £6 on it – incidently how expensive are cinema tickets nowadays? and b) I’d be slightly ashamed to be seen at the cinema going in to see that film.

I’m going to publicly admit that I do watch What Katie Did Next, more for the morbid curiosity of seeing this car crash of a life unfold. Her children are adorable but everything she does is so contrived and so put everything. Everything is a game. Doesn’t she get bored of it?

Anyway, what could they possibly put in a film about the great Jordan/KP that hasn’t already been seen in one her many, many ITV shows/in one of her autobiographies (although I suppose these are used as doorsteps or read by illiterate people who just like looking at half-naked pictures of her and haven’t figured out how to use the internet yet).

And, of course, it’s started what will turn into a long running saga of who would play her…I wonder!
I’d like to say no one cares but the sad fact is that everyone does.


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