Review: One Born Every Minute.


This picture popped up when I googled 'one born every minute.' Brilliant!

I LOVE this programme! From the first week I’ve been hooked, waiting for Tuesday to come around to find out the next chapter in each of these families’ lives. It’s a little peek into the most special moments of someone life and the things you get to hear are amazing. Some of the conversations have been equally hilarious and moving. I enjoyed the conversation last week about whether you could be banned from calling your baby a particular name. Joy’s rants while she was being induced and in her labour made me want to throw something at the TV but they were very funny, especially when she was annoyed at being told off for bringing about seven pillows with her. I love my colleague’s comment of: “well she has been in labour for four weeks now” to excuse her grumpiness.

The website ( is also great as you get to see updates of those who have been featured on the programme and some videos of mothers who didn’t feature. Loads of people seem to be commenting and getting involved. I have no experience of my own which would make me particularly bothered (or eligible to pass a comment on the amount of screaming/shouting/whining etc) but for some reason I am! I think it’s just because of the minimal voice overs so you just get to see exactly what’s going on.

I don’t know how long this programme’s going on for but I hope it’s quite a while!


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