In the news: horrifying new Fritzl-esque case.


I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when I read about this case of a man horrifically abusing his daughters over a period of many years ( When the Fritzl case came to light, it was absolutely heart breaking to thing of the damage done to his daughter and to her children, but this seems even more real because it’s OUR country’s social services who have failed this family. No matter how long he stays in jail for or how much therapy or help they’re offered now, it will never make up for the catalogue of errors which has lead up to this point.

From this case and many other cases, both where social services have failed to catch horrific monsters responsible for torture and abuse and where innocent babies have been snatched from their mother’s arms for no good reason, it’s clear that social services in this country is in need of a dramatic shake up. Each time we hear that ‘lessons are being learned’ but what kind of comfort is that to these poor people? Are they merely ‘lessons’ and what have we learned from them because it seems that nothing is getting better.

It’s sickening to think that anyone could do this kind of thing to anyone, let alone their own offspring, but it also sickens me that this is not the first case and it sadly won’t be the last case of abuse being ignored or not picked up on. I dread to think the state things will be in when all of these children who have been failed try to live their lives normally when they have no concept of what a normal family life is. Maybe the lucky ones were the ones who didn’t survive the abuse?


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