Music: The world’s gone Gaga.


1. Bad romance – I didn’t like this song much at first but it has REALLY grown on me (if you’ve read previous music posts you’ll know), I love the video as well even though there’s less of a story to it than the rest. Still very wacky and off the wall.
I want your ugly/I want you disease/I want your everything/As long as it’s free/I want your love, love, love, love/I want your love.

2. Telephone – I think I would have picked this song as number one if Beyonce wasn’t in it, I can’t stand Beyonce so it’s testiment to how much I like the song that I still consider it number two. I try to tune out of Beyonce’s bit! The video is amazingly crazy.
Just a second/It’s my favorite song they’re gonna play/And I cannot text you with/A drink in my hand, eh?/ You shoulda made some plans with me/You knew that I was free/And now you won’t stop calling me/ I’m kinda busy.

3. Wonderful – a bit more of a ballad but still very recognisable as Lady Gaga. This picks up more towards the chorus and I love the lyrics in it, it shows a more vulnerable side to the crazy enigma that is the Gaga.
If I fell in love with you/Would you understand me dear/Love is weird/I coloured you a Valentine/Struggled just to stay inside the lines/I lose my mind.
I really can’t believe/I lost myself again/Looking for something crazy/Beautiful nothing/Now I’m talking in circles again/Never know baby, are you hungry/For wonderful cause I am.

 4. Again again – this song makes me concentrate more on Gaga’s voice than her craziness. I like the change of pace and I love her voice on this.
When you’re round/I lose myself inside your mouth/You’ve got brown eyes like no one else/Baby, make it to me.

5. Beautiful dirty rich – I was umming and ahhing about this for a while but decided to go for the one I’d originally written down. I first heard this song on the Gossip Girl adverts and thought I need this song in my life!
Our hair is perfect/While we’re all getting shit wrecked/It’s automatic, honey/But we got no money/Daddy I’m so sorry, I’m so s-s-sorry yeah/We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah.


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