Review: Legally Blonde.


Having seen the film when it first came out, I vaguely remembered the plot and was very much looking forward to how they’d adapted it for the stage. There’s some big names in this: Sheridan Smith, Duncan James, Jill Halfpenny etc. and all of the reviews before seemed very positive.

I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. It was cheesy, it was camp, it was flash, it was all singing and dancing. But it also had numerous very clever jokes, all of the dance numbers were great and it knew it was cheesy which was the best thing about it. Sheridan Smith is amazing in the lead role of Elle Woods and I thought Jill Halfpenny was also brilliant in it. The only performance that was a bit sketchy was some of Duncan James’ singing when he clearly thought he was back in Blue again and reverted back to boyband style singing. But overall, it was absolutely great.

Oh and it’s really made me want a dog – the little dog was so cute! And they’d trained him to run up on to the bed and into the little bag she carried him in – how adorable! Overall, well worth the ticket price and well worth the trip down to London. I have to say the rest of the day was great as well, we ate at a restaurant called Zizzi on the Strand which served beautiful starters, spag bol and some gorgeous desserts that we all shared. The train ride back was hilarious and it was just a lovely girly day.


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