Quotes 3.


Editor: What does Tryangle even stand for? Most boring shit of the year?

Editor: We don’t want John Snow, he’s boring.
Reporter: Yes but he’s got wonderful socks.

Reporter: I don’t see what the problem is if they’re only cutting £200 from the budget…I forgot the million, it kind of adds something to the story.

Photographer looking on Google Street View: I threw up in that restaurant!

Editor: I’m packing this fudge in today.

Editor: Adolf Hitler would love this pic.

Reporter: Look what I got from facebook *holds up Marmite bar* Marmite have all my personal details but I have a cereal bar, who’s the winner here?

Reporter: Someone’s talking to me on the facebook page.
Photographer: Ask her what pants she’s wearing.

Reporter: I’d rather sniff Tip-ex than hear about that to be honest.


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