Review and apologies.


Apologies for the lack of blogging for a week or so, I haven’t been too inspired by anything!

Let’s do a bit of a TV round up:
The end of Skins– what was happening there? I found myself thinking well that’s all very well and good but what’s gone on? We don’t know what happened with Effy, with anyone really apart from Thomas and Pandora (my two least favourite characters). Plus it wasn’t as explosive as the previews had made it out to be.

The penultimate episode of One Born Every Minute– how sad was it? The poor little babies! Plus my friend told me that next week’s is the last episode which is doubly sad. I love this series, I really hope they do a second series – maybe they could do a different hospital. What am I going to do with my Tuesdays now I can’t cry over the cute babies!

Celebrity Juice – I’d watched one of the previous series I think but this series is quite good, I’m getting into it more. However, I mainly watch it because I’m completely in love with Fearne Cotton.

Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night – I had a look at this on 4OD and ended up watching the latest episode with Fearne Cotton (due to above mentioned reasons), Jimmy Carr (my favourite comedian) and James Nesbitt. It was hilarious! I’m not a particular fan of Chris Moyles but he’s quite funny on this. Also watched the episode with Christine Bleakley, David Walliams and Peter Andre, DW was quite funny on it but I guess also quite predictable as he’s always the same when he goes on a quiz show.

Anyway, I think that’s highlighted how trashy my TV watching schedule is, I also watched the news I’d like to add but I won’t do a summary of that.


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