The best of the best from our time in 624, compiled here for your viewing.
Priceless advice, lots of fun, put the kettle on while you read them! ‘But I don’t like tea Tilly.’


Mrs Antrobus about Pudz- She’s nice but she hits people.

Priya- You can’t fit a horse in your house.

Gemma- Chuckle chuckle.

Lucy- Why would you do Zwingli? I mean, what on earth starts with Z? *ten minutes pass* You know what starts with Z? Zwingli!

Bex- Piglet and I aren’t on good terms at the moment, he used me for my beautiful breasts.

Manda- Leave my obesity alone.

Pudz and Priya- We’ve got to have you on our sausage sandwich.

Elle- My mathematics skills have really gone downhill, I added 5 and 6 and got 7.

Mrs Antrobus- Hayley, I’m sure the rest of the class would love to know that your cleavage is more interesting than what I’m saying!

Priya- I don’t think I’ve lost it but I don’t know where it is.

Manda- I think I just dropped a door on Priya.

Bex- Raisins are wrong, it’s like eating old people in fruit form.

Gemma- If you’re a figment of my imagination, why are you wearing clothes?

Elle- I’m not a twig, I’m the Messiah in skanky old lady form.

Mrs Ralphs- The Romans came, what did they leave?
Priya- Rome.

Pudz- Life is a vagina.

Bex- It’s illegal to sell kittens.

Mrs Antrobus- I’ve been displaced by an aardvark.

Mrs Antrobus- What would you do if you were cut off from society, I mean you wouldn’t be able to watch Arthur
Hayley- I’d just have to reminisce about the episodes I’d already seen.

Manda- It was the funniest thing ever apart from like a fat woman falling over.

Manda- The poor buck-toothed people in Africa sadly can’t have braces.

Priya- She doesn’t even eat Yorkshire puddings, why would you trust her to pinky swear?

Priya- Every time you say the word twat I think about Sophie’s mom on the toilet.

Priya on her personal statement to do a primary-school teaching degree- Small children arouse me.

Priya- He can Gok me anytime.

Saleha analysing Princess Diana’s brother’s speech at her funeral- I think there’s the semantic field of Diana in this.

Pudz- I’m like Charlotte Church but brown.

Priya shouting from a cubicle- How do you get the toilet paper out?

Mrs Ralphs- When would you use the word sicko?
Priya: Get out my drawers sicko!

Mrs Ralphs- Pimp my ride yo.

Sophie K- I’m so scared I’ll become an alcoholic if I drink every day.

Manda- You’re giving her a nervous position.

Pudz- Buy me a kiss and I’ll drink you.

Priya- I got pubes stuck in my teeth and now I have veneers.

Helen- Can someone tell me if I went to the toilet before?

Rach- Oh April, please don’t stab anyone.

Mrs Antrobus- You know it’s serious when they come to school with a pritt-stick up their nose.

Priya- Do you know how to look after your monkey?
Mrs Gould- Let’s not go there Priya.

Beks- It’s stylish stripping, it’s not like ‘look at my thong’.

Priya- You should write a book: The diary of Anne Frank…by Harriet.

Manda- If you’re a big enough tit to shag a hedgehog, you deserve to have prickles up your arse.


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