The weeks that were.


So I’ve been very bad recently. I went to Huddersfield which was ACE and went something like this: insult man’s car, apologise to said man, buy food, drive, forgotten something, hi Panda mom and dad, start driving again, bit of rain, arrive, hello room, hello Castle Hill, hello lots of chatting and reminscing, swimming on the lilo across the floor, look at the uni, look at the town, shotgun, more food shopping, ice lollies in the cold wind, wine, Inbetweeners, driving, wrong turnings, almost getting killed, 10 POINTS, student union, cocktail list, truth or dare, Doritos, Leeds, sat nav, museum, culture, sitting outside, back, Nandos, Kick Ass, ring of fire, rotisserie chicken, I’ve never, sitting in the hallway, back to Manda’s room, eight straight hours of Sims 3, cocktails in bowls not cups, most amazing dancing ever, silent disco, 3am McDonalds, sleepy, get to Sheffield, lunch, Farmer, drive back, more rain and back to sunny Walsall.

And then this small thing called the election happened, not sure if you noticed?


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