In the news: Cameron and Clegg the new Jedward?


Thought the following quotes from this article (–Dec-politics.html ) were quite funny and showed how far they tried to push the analogy.

“No, it is the simple fact that Cameron and Clegg are so incredibly alike. In every single way.”
Really. REALLY?

“Today, their matching physicality remains remarkable. They have the same short back and no sides.”
So they both have short, brown hair. Step forward all the men with short, brown hair- apparently you all look like twins.

“Each man speaks in the modulated tones of the educated upper-middle class.” Compared to all the other PMs and deputy PMs who have been chavs.

“Each has an expensive smile, a white crescent that was never subjected to the grapple and pliers of the overworked NHS dentist.”
Always good to have your own teeth as PM/deputy.

“Each can use a BlackBerry with one hand.”
Do many people use their phone with two hands? Except the grannies on the bus who so deliberately use their first finger to press the call button. And then shout. Loudly.

“They even wear the same clothes to work.”
What a suit and tie? There aren’t many other options for men in professional jobs, unless you’d prefer one to wear a dress so you can tell them apart.

“And, in the end, we must be glad that crazy Clegg usually insists on wearing his mellow-yellow, Hey, I’m A Lib Dem! tie. In future, it might be the only way to tell them apart.” Indeed…


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