Review: The Back-Up Plan.


I watched The Back-Up Plan this weekend, I was curious about it as it looked mildly amusing and, despite my dislike of Jenny from the block I put that to one side and began watching. I have to admit, she was better than I thought she’d be. But it was a little predictable! But hey, aren’t most rom coms these days?

The one thing that annoyed me was how over the top they tried to make the single mothers group, especially during the water birth scene. It was like they were just trying to make them seem odd and forcing the humour a little so I was cringing a little.

The scene where J.Lo goes looking for her pillow was really cute and the ending was all predictably twee and made you turn to the person sitting next to you with an ‘aww’ look on your face. Not emotional enough to make me cry, not funny enough to make me cry with laughter but an overall okay, six out of ten type film. Worth a watch if you have a spare couple of hours but I wouldn’t be queuing up to wait for the shops to open on the day the DVD comes out.


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