Music finds: G.


 The Gaslight Anthem – ‘The Gaslight Anthem is an American punk rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. They released their first album, Sink or Swim, on XOXO Records in May 2007, and their second album, The ’59 Sound, on SideOneDummy Records in August 2008. The band will release their third album, and second SideOneDummy release, American Slang, on June 15, 2010.’

Worth a listen – Film noir.
Give it a miss – Say i won’t (recognise)
Website –

BLUE JEANS AND WHITE T-SHIRTS – And we sing with our heroes thirty-three rounds per minute/We’re never going home until the sun says we’re finished/And I’ll love you forever if I ever love at all.

General Fiasco – “General Fiasco are an indie rock group from Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. Since their formation in 2007, they have toured with Fighting With Wire, The Wombats, One Night Only, The Pigeon Detectives, The Enemy and are on tour right now with Kids In Glass Houses and they recently released their debut album, Buildings on the 22nd March 2010.”

Worth a listen – Ever so shy.
Give it a miss – Rebel get by.
Website –

FORGET FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Cause on the outside I’m sure you’re faking the first time/the first impression ain’t right/and on the inside you’re pretty vacant your eyes are open but your mouth ain’t making a sound.

Grasscut – I can’t find a bio for them, but they’re good okay? Just trust me!

Worth a listen – The door in the wall.
Give it a miss – Meadowhall at last.
Website –


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