It’s a jungle out there.


With Ronan the latest member of the Cheaters’ Club (allegedly), barely a day goes by without a celebrity couple splitting up because of ‘sexting’, dodgy white pants (I’m looking at you Ashley Cole, although hopefully you’ve got some better clothes on if I’m looking at you. Ick.) or just plain old-fashioned bed hopping. So each day you open the paper wondering who’s going to be next.

Most of the recent ones (Ronan, Mark Owen etc) seem to be ones that have surprised everyone.
Do you reckon the biggest shock would be if Jim started cheating on Rosie? (I was going to suggest with the duck but maybe that’s a bit of a turn for the worst in terms of taste and decency)
What if Trevor McDonald was doing the dirty? The sly old dog!

If Lembit Opik manages to get two girls at once (allegedly) then surely anything’s possible? (It’s alright that I’m offending him, if he remembers me from our brief conversation he thinks I don’t know who he is!)


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