Music finds: I.


I Blame Coco – ‘Coco is about to drop one of the finest long-playing debuts of 2010, The Constant. Having worked on the record singularly since the age of 15, slaving over those mega lyrics and the shape of the sound, she scrapped it all in the autumn of last year and re-wrote it to her own, exact specifications. Decamped to Sweden to work with one of the two major producers of The Constant, she changed the base contours of the groove from ska and reggae and found something new, more monolithic, ethereal and robust.’

Worth a listen – 18 with a bullet.
Give it a miss – Humner, humner.
Website –

BOHEMIAN LOVE – I look at the bright side/I don’t have to make my bed in the morning/but every time I lay at the pillow I cry.

Ingrid Michaelson – ‘Ingrid Ellen Michaelson (born December 8,1979) is a New York-based indie-pop singer-songwriter best known for her single “The Way I Am.” Her music has been featured in episodes of several popular television shows, including Scrubs, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy[2] and One Tree Hill,[3] as well as in Old Navy’s Fall 2007 Fair Isle advertising campaign.[4]

Worth a listen – Be okay.
Give it a miss – The hat.
Website –

LOCKED UP – Love, love, love, love is everywhere/But not a drop for me to drink/Tie me up and bind my feet/Drop me in and watch me sink.

Iron and wine – ‘Samuel Beam (born July 26, 1974), better known by his stage and recording name Iron & Wine, is an American singer-songwriter. He has released four studio albums, several EPs and singles, as well as a few download-only releases, which include a live album (a recording of his 2005 Bonnaroo performance). He tours with a full band.[1].’

Worth a listen – Free until they cut me down.
Give it a miss – Lion’s mane.
Website –

NAKED AS WE CAME – She says “If I leave before you, darling/Don’t you waste me in the ground”/I lay smiling like our sleeping children/One of us will die inside these arms.


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