Music finds: J.


Janelle Monae – ‘Janelle Monáe (born December 1, 1985) is an American indie pop and soul singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer. She is currently signed to the Wondaland Arts Society, and Bad Boy/Atlantic Records.’

Worth a listen – Sincerely jane.
Give it a miss – Cindi.
Website –

IN YOUR DREAMS – We spent summer dreaming when we coulda been leaving/I guess I’ll catch you in your dreams.

Jaymay – ‘Jamie Seerman is an American folk singer-songwriter from New York. She performs under the name Jaymay’

Worth a listen – Sycamore down.
Give it a miss – Over my head.
Website –

IS THIS LOVE, OR ISN’T IT?  – Would you mind if I call you sweetheart/I found your voice upon my tape/And I was listenin’ to you/Till I fell asleep it was gettin’ late/And I know it’s you out on the sidewalk/I was hopin’ I would meet/Somethin’ always hits me/But it’s not concrete beneath my feet.

Johnny Kahlua – ‘This is the new born band for Johnny Kahlua (21) who used to play for The Freeloaders. The band was formed 1. February, 2007 by no other than Mr. Kahlua himself. The band is currently working in Alexander Teinum’s studio, Hangover Hall, recording their debut album, entitled “Tales From Undercover Frankie’s Nest”.’

Worth a listen – A little bit red.
Give it a miss – Blind owl blues.
Website –

COS I MUST HAVE BEEN MAD – Cos I must have been mad/It’s too sad/No he dresses like a boy/He smokes like a bandit.


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