Music finds: M.


Maria Taylor – ‘Maria Diane Taylor (born May 21, 1976) is an American singer/songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. She was also a member of the duo Azure Ray, with Orenda Fink, and Now It’s Overhead, both on Saddle Creek Records. She plays several instruments, including the piano, guitar, and drums, and has collaborated with such artists as Bright Eyes, Moby, Abra Moore, David Barbe, and Crooked Fingers.’

Worth a listen – No stars.
Give it a miss – Song beneath the song.
Website –

CLEAN GETAWAY – I finally made it/I made a clean getaway/And I miss you/I miss you every single day.

Mates of State – ‘Mates of State are an American indie rock duo, active since 1997. The group is composed of the husband-and-wife team Kori Gardner (vocals, Yamaha Electone and Hammond B-3 electric organs, microKORG and Casio synthesizers, Yamaha and Rhodes electric pianos, piano, and occasional guitar) and Jason Hammel (vocals, drum set, glockenspiel, other percussion, and occasional Casio synthesizer).’

Worth a listen – California.
Give it a miss – Separate the people.
Website –

THINK LONG – Can you feel it surround me?/I think it’ll drown me.

Missy Higgins – ‘Melissa “Missy” Morrison Higgins (born 19 August 1983) is an Australian pop singer-songwriter, musician and actor, her No. 1 albums are The Sound of White (2004) and On a Clear Night (2007), and her Top Ten singles are “Scar“, “The Special Two“, “Steer” and “Where I Stood“. From a musical family in Melbourne, she played piano by age six and sang at twelve. While boarding at Geelong Grammar School, she wrote a song for an assignment which was then entered into the national Unearthed radio competition for unsigned artists’

Give it a miss – The battle.
Worth a listen – Forgive me.
Website –

GREED FOR YOUR LOVE – Bursting with blood my fingertips pulse/You didn’t forget me… at least immediately.


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