Lightbulbs, lobsters and lovelies.


Britain’s Got Talent – In Monday’s semi-final, I thought The Regurgitator was absolutely brilliant. I was hanging off the edge of my sofa waiting to see what he’d do next. I know it’s slightly gross but I’m sorry, anyone who can unlock a padlock, attach a ring onto it and then lock the padlock again INSIDE THEIR STOMACH gets my vote (or would have done, if I’d voted). The look on Amanda Holden’s face was hilarious, she clearly wanted to say no. It was the guessing what he was going to do next which also got me wanting him to go through to the final, what would he have ingested next? A small child?!

So anyway, massive boo that he didn’t go through and I’m not too fussed about Tobias Mead but very pleased about Spellbound. How they get through that act without dropping anyone on their face I don’t know! Amazing.

I didn’t see Tuesday’s semi final as I was attending an audience with Ann Widdecombe (which was brilliant, but she didn’t swallow a lightbulb sadly). But I watched it (not paying much attention) when it was on ITV2 earlier tonight and I wasn’t too bothered who went through. None of them were amazing, the dog’s good but I get a little bit bored in the middle. There’s only so many times you can go ‘awww, the dog’s lifted its leg up.’

So, on to tonight. I was willing Paul Burling (or Harry Hill guy as I like to call him) to get through, he’s amazing and I’d quite like him to win it. Wouldn’t have minded The Arrangement going through as well, I thought it was quite hilarious that Amanda Holden kept leaning over to tell Simon what the songs were – even when they did Cheryl Cole/Tweedy.

Now the only two left for the rest of the week who I’m desperate to see get put through are Twist and Pulse (the two funny, geeky little dancers) and Janey Cutler (the old Scottish lady). I LOVE HER. Not even so much for her singing, just for her. I want her to come to my house so I can make her a cup of tea and listen to her talk about the good old days. Honestly not fussed about the rest!

Junior Apprentice – I’ve never watched the actual Apprentice but have really got into the junior version. Zoe is horrible! I’d love to have her on my side if I was trying to sell something to the public but she’s awful, I really can’t stand her. The only one remotely impressive at the moment is the little maths guy with the glasses (is his name Arjan? See, so impressive I don’t know his name). The little butch girl really annoys me as well.

Glee – Glee does Gaga = AMAZING. That’s all I have to say on the matter (except how good was Bad Romance and how dodgy was the Poker Face song? “Yeah mom, I’m bluffin with my muffin.” The mom is an outstanding singer though).

Next week I will mostly be watching Big Brother and Peter Andre because I’m sad.


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