Music finds: P.


(I don’t like the letter O).

Passion Pit – “Passion Pit is an American electronic band from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Formed in 2007[2], the group consists of Michael Angelakos of Buffalo (lead vocals/keyboards), Ian Hultquist (keyboards/guitar), Ayad Al Adhamy (synth/samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass/synth bass) and Nate Donmoyer (drums). All of the band members, except Angelakos, attended Berklee College of Music.”

Worth a listen – Sleepyhead.
Give it a miss – I’ve got your number.
Website –

CUDDLE FUDDLE – And you know/Oh my god just please don’t ever let me go/
Yeah sometimes we’re high and sometimes we’re low/Put up with me then I’ll make you see/That things are better when you’re with me.

Phoenix – “Phoenix is an alternative rock band from Versailles, France,[2] founded by Thomas Mars, Deck D’Arcy, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Brancowitz.”

Worth a listen – Love for granted.
Give it a miss – Run run run.
Website –

IF I EVER FEEL BETTER – They say an end can be a start/Feels like I’ve been buried yet I’m still alive/It’s like a bad day that never ends/I feel the chaos around me.

Polly Scattergood – “Polly Scattergood is a British singer-songwriter from Colchester,Essex, England, UK. She has been described as ethereal, dark, intense and quirky,[1][2][3] while her musical style has been described as “early 21st century electro-dance-pop of London proper”.[4] Scattergood’s debut album, self-titled, was released in spring 2009 in the United Kingdom and United States. It received mixed, but generally positive, reviews.”

Worth a listen – Please don’t touch.
Give it a miss – Kiss me.
Website –

I AM STRONG – I am strong, I am not weak/I am not in a place where I can talk to you.

(Or I’m just doing an amended version of the alphabet).


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