Day 1 in the Big Brother house.


So the usual round-up of suspects were catapulted to national fame last night as they stood shivering in their tiniest dresses outside the third most famous house in Britain (I’m assuming more people know about Buckingham Palace and No.10!). First to enter was JOSIE who looks like she will be providing a bit of Jade-esque humour having already made a couple of silly comments. I reckon she’ll do quite well as she seemed to get on quite well with all the others coming in after her, it depends how grating her screaming and remarks turn out to be.

STEVE came across as one of the more normal contestants, obviously the fact that he’s a double amputee and has a glass eye is his ‘unique selling point’ and what got him on the show but he seems actually quite likeable.

Even looking at BENJAMIN makes me a little bit annoyed, he just has such a smarmy look on his face! I can’t see him being very popular but then again, what do i know?

RACHAEL’s looks as everyone else came into the house were priceless, you can tell she’s going to hate all of the other girls and I’m seeing a possible Rachael/John hook up?

As soon as they announced NATHAN as the fifth housemate, I thought they were going to portray him as a ‘Jack the Lad’ type character so it was no surprise when his introduction piece played and it was exactly that.

Then DAVID entered laughing manically, if I was a betting person my bet would be on him being the first to have some sort of breakdown in the house.

CAOMIHE, GOVAN, SHABBY and IFE all just came across as pretentious wannabes. Sorry, I stand corrected, Ife said she definitely wasn’t a wannabe as she’s danced with Cheryl Cole on the X Factor, my mistake.

What’s the betting that JOHN is going to be a big hit with the girls in (and outside) the house? My facebook homepage was full of ‘PHWOOARRRR’ type comments as soon as he went in. It was a bit of a no-brainer that they would put some man candy in there.

Then SUNSHINE entered, slightly irritating already but we’ll see how that one goes. I reckon her and Ben will sit up having ‘intellectual discussions’.

CORIN was next with a rather lovely Croydon facelift pulling her face back. I don’t think she was actually that surprised to get in, it was the tightest ponytail in the world creating that effect.

And MARIO, who went in as a mole, dressed as a mole. I’m actually rooting for the guy to win his impossible task!


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