Review: Something of the night.


This was written for work after going to An Evening With Ann Widdecombe.

THERE was definitely something about a night with one of Britain’s most well known female politicians.
An evening with Ann Widdecombe may not have appealed to all due to her formidable reputation and sometimes controversial views but her appearance at
Birmingham’s Town Hall last Wednesday (June 1) was far from a straight-laced affair.
With witty banter pinging between the staunch Conservative and the host for the evening, political commentator Iain Dale, laughs were heard around the
impressive venue frequently as Dale guided the audience through Ann’s childhood and rise into the political spotlight.
When we were not being amused by the former MP’s dry wit, she proved to be such an interesting character that it was easy to forget negative press received
in the past.
The tone for the evening was set when Ann promptly walked off stage after being presented with a bottle of water to drink, only to return minutes later
brandishing a bottle of wine – which remained sealed for the duration of the show.
Audience members were led through the highs and lows of the famous spinster’s early days, with contentious issues such as the Doris Karloff “women in chains”
episode being reflected on, although the one question of the night which Ann refused to answer was surrounding the infamous speech made about Michael Howard,
in which she described him as having “something of the night” about him.
Humour was provided by Dale who read aloud from one of the 62-year-old’s literary efforts to disprove her claims that there were no racy scenes in any of the
four novels she has had published, this provided an introduction to the second half of the evening where the audience were invited to offer their own
She frequently requested frivolous questions, not only answering the question of whether she would rather go on a date with Paul Merton or Ian Hislop from
television’s Have I Got News For You – she chose both – but also surprisingly revealing that she would chose a member of the opposing party as her deputy if she became Prime Minister – David Blunkett’s guide dog.
The night drew to a close with Ann revealing men had spoken to her more slowly during her brief period as a bottle blonde and I, for one, came away feeling
strangely warmed to the famously sharp-tongued politician.


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