BB (that’s Big Brother…not BlackBerry).


So we’re over a week in now, only 3122894756549 days to go! Tasks have been alright so far but none of them have been AMAZING I don’t think.

So far I think Josie is the best, really down to earth and quite funny as well!
Steve is alright but doesn’t seem to have done much. I think it’s interesting watching how the others react to his disability and their questions about how he lost his legs.
Apart from cooking and picking his nose, Nathan doesn’t seem to do anything at all. Although everyone seems to love him, maybe because of the cooking.
I think Corin is lovely, especially when she got Rachael’s suitcase back for her, but she is slightly irritating when she speaks!
Shabby is exactly the type of person they need in there to cause some drama so I reckon that’s how she escaped being nominated.
And the same goes for Sunshine, everyone loves to hate her. She seems to be winning over some of her housemates though.
Jovan seems to be the biggest bitch in there, I don’t like him so far.
Same goes for Ben, I can’t stand him either. I do think he thinks he’s above the others and he’s trying to be king of his little gang.
I like Mario but I’m cringing a little every time he cuddles Ben or strokes him. Never going to happen!
Dave doesn’t seem to be doing much either apart from following Ben around with Mario.
Caoimhe (yes I did look it up) and Ife are all fairly boring, Shabby is definitely Queen Bee of their little group. But then I can’t imagine Ife being nominated soon because she doesn’t do anything too irritating.
John James is definitely the most aggressive in there! It was nice that he apologised to Rachael in her exit VT but it was after he’d harrassed the poor girl for over a week. Let’s see what he’s like in there now after she’s gone.


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