Last ten tracks.


Just a run down of the last ten songs I’ve played on iTunes.

1. Hotel california – The Eagles.
Although I’ve known about this song for a long time (obviously, I mean, who hasn’t heard this song?) I realised I hadn’t got it in my collection the other day so it swiftly got downloaded and listened to.  I could pick any one of the fabulous lyrics, which really are some of my favourite in a song. I think I need to expand my Eagles collection though as currently I only have this and Desperado which is just beautiful for an entirely different reason.
And in the master’s chambers, they gathered for the feast/They stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast.

2. Hello conscience – The Zutons.
I remember being quite a fan of the Zutons when they first came out but then my love for them kind of waned (and isn’t Valerie a brilliant example of when a cover song is actually better than the original? A massive fan of this song more for it being the song we always play at a party). Anyway, despite not being the biggest Zutons fan going, I do quite like Hello conscience possibly my favourite track?
Cause it’s alright/To go out at night and forget who you are.

3. Make me wanna die – The Pretty Reckless.
This was added to my collection on recommendation from my little sister, who I suspect only likes it because this is the girl from Gossip Girl (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t watch it). But actually, it’s quite good. I like her voice, although there seems to be an abundance of ‘let’s stick a pretty girl with lots of eyeliner on in front of a ‘rocky’ band’ groups forming recently. Oh well.
I had everything/Opportunities for eternity/And I could belong to the night.4.  Go girl – Pitbull.
Definite love for a bit of tunage you would normally find on ground floor WS1. Bit of a turn down in terms of lyrics and musical genius here but hey, let’s flow with it.
So get your friends/And I get my friends/And we can be friends/Do this every weekend.5. Secretary – Betty Wright.
This was a random find of mine but you know, I love it! It’s just so easy to listen to and have a little sway along. Also found her song He’s bad, bad, bad, but this is by far the best of the two. It’s time like this that I’m glad I’m a downloading geek.
Oh it’s very ordinary for the secretary/To take a man away from his wife/We make it necessary for the secretary/To put a little joy in his life.

6. She’s a maniac – Flashdance.
Alright, I confess this was downloaded after listening to the Diet Coke advert one too many times. Love the little puppets doing a dance to this! *Does a small puppet dance around the room*. Haha definitely a choon.
Locking rhythms to the beat of her heart, changing woman into life/She has danced into the danger zone, when a dancer becomes a dance.7. Can’t fight this feeling – Reo Speedwagon.
As a little bit of a Glee fan (or a Gleek, whatever), I thought I’d have a download of the original. Is it as jazzy? (Too jazzy? If you get the reference I will love you forever) Nope. But still very good.
And I can’t fight this feeling anymore/I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for.8. I feel good all over – Stephanie Mills.
Okay, this is probably my least favourite out of the ten songs in this blog but I still like it a lot. It takes a while to really get started but once it does, it’s good. Probably not to everyone’s taste.
Say no more, your expression shows it/I see a little sunshine inside of you.9. Beautiful – Eminem.
I’ve heard everyone raving about this song for a while but for some reason it was one of the Eminem songs I hadn’t got. But now I have it I’m very glad. It’s not the very best of his but then again it’s by no means near the bottom of the pile. One of those lovely songs which gives you advice as you listen.
God gave you shoes to fit you/So put ’em on and wear ’em/Be yourself man, be proud of who you are/Even if it sounds corny/Don’t ever let anyone tell you you ain’t beautiful.10. Sincerely jane – Janelle Monae.
I think I’ve mentioned this song about a hundred times already but that’s because it’s one of my absolute favourite songs at the moment. I can’t stop telling people about it even though I’ve had it on my iPod for ages. I’m not being paid to promote it, honest. (Shame, I’d be making a packet).
Danger, there’s danger when you take off your clothes, all your dreams go down the drain girl.(Still need to finish my A-Z I know!).


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