Quotes 4.


Editor talking about a man who didn’t want to be named calling in about a bird related story:  You know why that is don’t you? It’s in case the pigeons read the paper and shit on his head.

Photographer: Look at him, he’s got an extra chromosome!

Editor: I don’t watch the news, I think it’s shit. I don’t watch it, I don’t read it, I just get it off the internet. I’m one of these people killing the media.

Reporter: He doesn’t like U2.
Photographer: Would you call them U Poo?

Editor: Life’s better when you’ve got an England pencil *silence* Do you think I should take it to the…
Reporter 1: Yep.
Reporter 2: No one wants to talk about the pencil.

Editor discussing a colleague’s birthday present: “Get him a drinking game that involves taking your pants off and eating them.”

Editor: I like all my nutters equally as much.

Reporter: The 90s was amazing. Fact.

Editor: Get this bee off my bollocks!

Editor talking about the tennis: She’s in the semis.
Photographer: She’s giving me a semi.


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