Quotes 5.


Reporter: Do you think this squash from last week will be alright for me to drink?
Editor: Yeah, it only turns into pee after six months.

Editor: That’s worse than anything I’ve ever said to her, and I’ve called her a slag.

Editor: I don’t think we’ve ever discussed necrophilia in the office before.

Editor: Does that affect me? Can it affect me next week?

Editor coming in to get some gossip: Can you hurry up, my Weetabix are drying up.

Editor: Look at that 13-year-old kid being manhandled by the Spice Girls, I bet he had a hard on for the rest of the year.

Editor: That’d be your dream job wouldn’t it?
Editor 2: I’d have to take about ten pairs of trousers to work each day.

Reporter: Have you ever seen an old man eating a Twix? Doesn’t happen.

Editor: I’ve got massive man breasts now because of all the fat I’ve eaten…They’re starting to point.

Editor: That’s pretty much what Redditch is, the vagina of the Midlands. Everyone comes here to have a good time and then leaves without taking any responsibility for their actions.

Reporter: Can we not have the testicle talk again please?


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