Review: Joseph.


AFTER narrowly missing out on winning top television show Any Dream Will Do, Keith Jack finally got his hands on the coveted colourful robe this week, and boy was it worth the wait.
This high-energy performance from a stellar cast saw the audience getting involved early on, encouraged by Keith in the role he has waited so long to do.
Trina Hill was absolutely faultless in her role as the narrator, reaching astounding notes as she told the well-known story.
All of the brothers were equally energetic, bouncing their way through county and western, disco and various other themed segments.
Although most of the songs were repeated, the various styles meant it was not boring and the fame of some of the tunes (such as Close Every Door) gave the audience ample opportunities to sing along loudly.
Groups near the front were up on their feet well before the finale to clap along to the high-octane performances and, by the last bow, the majority of the audience had joined them in celebration of over two hours of quality entertainment.
Any dream would have done but this was certainly a technicolour dream.

(This was written as an entertainments review for the Redditch and Bromsgrove Standards after seeing the show last week – so much fun!)


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