Music: Quick 5.


King Africa – La bomba.
I absolutely love this song! It’s so bad it’s good, it’s the one used on the Celebrity Juice advert where Keith Lemon is pretending to be Ronaldo so all I can see in my head when listening to it is him getting a spray tan. It’s just hilarious!
Y aquí se viene el africano con el baile que es una (bomba)/Para bailar esto es una (bomba).

I Blame Coco – 18 with a bullet.
I think I may have mentioned this band, and possibly even this song, on here before but I really do love it. Like her (lead singer Coco Sumner, child of Sting) even more after reading an interview in Company magazine.
I’m 18 with a bullet/Got my finger on the trigger, gonna pull it.

The Gossip – Jealous girls.
Completely getting back into The Gossip after seeing Fearne and…Beth Ditto. She was AMAZING, if a little bit weird! But there’s no denying she’s got a brilliant voice.
You’re not the enemy/But underneath/You don’t agree/Take comfort that it’s over.

3OH!3 – Electroshock.
This is the last song I listened to on my way to work this morning, it sounds amazing through headphones. It’s a little bit different to some of their other stuff (especially Starstrukk) but still very good and unmistakably them. Neatfreak47 is also worth a listen.
So hold me close tiny dancer/The only thing I’ve got’s this electrorock answer/I saw a picture on the canvas/Baby’s got a ciggy in her lip and knows she’s cancerous.

Yolanda Be Cool – We no speak americano.
This is definitely a grower! Hated it at the start but then I’ve heard it about a million times and it’s been used in EVERYTHING including Katie Price’s show earlier today and I love it now. Maybe after a couple more months everyone’ll be sick of it.
Comme te po` capì chi te vò bene/Si tu le parle ‘mmiezzo Americano?


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