Tv lovin’


Of course I’m still loving X Factor, especially Rebecca and Mary! Kind of hope that Mary does do something more modern next week, although I just love the whole power ballad thing. I saw a comment piece on the Guardian (read their live blogs every week, they’re hilare!) which said she “opened her mouth so wide we could almost see what knickers she had on.” Haha! Rebecca is amazing, I want to have all her music when it comes out – hope she wins. Matt is alright but I’m not as into him as everyone else seems to be.

I love, love, love The Only Way is Essex, it’s fabulous. Nanny Pat and her amazing dishes are brilliant, Amy is my favourite character, I love how much Mark bullies Arj. It’s just so fake but brilliant! I wish they’d go back to just having one hour on a Sunday though rather than half an hour twice a week! Or maybe just put it on every night! Oh, I also love Harry the little camp cousin, he’s so funny. He looks like a failed boyband member.

Celebrity Juice is as amazing as ever! I constantly flood my sister’s inbox every week with quotes from it. PO-TA-TO. Fearne Cotton, she’s so rotten. VT, that stands for video tape. SECT-OR. Sha-ting! Keith Lemon is an absolute comedy genius.

(Kinda gone off Strictly already, although I meant to watch it this weekend to see Ann flying through the air, how bizarre).


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