Harriet on: trains.


Warning: small rant to follow.

At Birmingham New Street station at the weekend I was forced to wait in a massive queue for ten minutes (with another queue of the same size just to my left) as some woman in an oversized red coat walked up and down both lines saying ‘anyone paying by card?’

Anyone who nodded was then taken to the self-service machines where she basically guided them through the transactions. Now, just a thought here, but would this woman’s time not be better spent behind one of the dozen closed stations, getting down the queue more quickly and leaving those who are competent enough to be able to type in the name of their destination and their pin number to use the SELF-service machines?

Other things what have mildly perturbed me:

– Paying for a ticket and then not having it checked by an inspector. Do you mean to tell me I’ve wasted all this money when I could have journeyed for free and all the little chavs hiding in the loos got away with it?

– People sitting next to you when there are plenty of free seats. I do not want to have to sit with my elbows crushed into my ribs for the remaining part of my journey, feebly eyeing up the beautiful spacious free seats without being able to remove myself from the imprisonment.

– Time now: 8.10, Train due: 8.02. ON TIME.
The train is CLEARLY not on time, please do not try and fool me in this way, you little electonic board of lies.


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