Quotes 10.


Editor1: [Editor], you look like you’re having a shit.
Editor2: So would you if you were writing a fucking carpet shop advertorial.

Editor1: I can’t believe it, we’ve made a joke about the death of Kirsty McColl.
Editor2: That wasn’t me, that was [photographer].
Photographer: Yes that was me, I’m taking credit for that.

Editor picking up Essential Law for Journalists: Let’s see how many chapters I’m breaking this week.

Editor: Poop comes outta your bum, dunnit?

Editor: Why are Google being investigated by the FBI?…err I mean the EU.

Editor1: She’s more manly than me.
Editor2: Danny La Rue’s more manly than you.

Reporter putting his hand over the phone: I forgot what my name was then.

Reporter talking about Stacey Solomon: She’s got nice hair.
Editor: So’s an orangutan.


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