Quotes 11.


Editor: What are we doing now?
Reporter: I dunno, I’m on Facebook.

Editor: It’s so cold in the toilet that my wang’s inverted.

Receptionist: A guy told me he liked my nails earlier. I think he was a bit of a creep though.

Reporter 1: There’s only ever been one woman who loved me.
Reporter 2: Oh her yeah, she was a head case.

Editor at a quiz night: I’ll be honest, you’re not answering many of the questions.
Reporter deadpans: I don’t know any of the answers.

Editor: I think you’ll find the vagina is a very forgiving organ.

Editor: [Reporter] wants to take you up the Mustang Sally.
Reporter: That doesn’t even make any sense!
Editor: I know, but it sounds naughty doesn’t it?

Editor: Does anyone want to touch my seahorse?


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