Harriet on: the protests.


I’m just more and more shocked every time I read something about the protests. A few people have managed to make a lot of people look like utter idiots. Firstly, there is never any need to resort to violence to get your point across. Secondly, learn who to direct your anger at – is attacking Camilla/buildings/statues really going to stop MPs voting for something? Errr yeah.

I’m sure the majority of people (including myself) have utter sympathy with their arguments and can also see that most students/supporters who went down to London intended to have an entirely innocent protest. But then when you’re watching images of people throwing breeze blocks at police and chasing down the street after Charles and Camilla, did they seriously think that would endear them to the nation? And more importantly to the MPs voting?

It truly sucks that students are now in the position where they’ll be paying more for their degrees, but it also truly sucks that some disgusting individuals chose to cost the country even more money – the cost of cleaning up the streets of London, the cost of a massive police operation, even the NHS costs for the poor police officers who ended up in hospital. It all adds up. I hope they’re proud of themselves!


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