Madahuha? No, not Huha, Ascar.


Skipper: Can you keep a secret my monochromatic friend?

Melman: You know that was my first rectal thermometer.

Marty: I’ll knock your turnal right off.

Mason: Well of course we’re going to throw poo at him.

Old lady: Bad kitty.

Mason: If you’ve got any poo, fling it now.

Marty: This place is crackalackin.

King Julien: Shh, we’re hiding, be quiet everyone, including me. Shut up, who’s talking? Oh it’s me,

King Julien: Didn’t I tell him about the feet?

Maurice: There’s still something about the one with the crazy hair that I find suspicious.

King Julien: Please feel free to bask in my glow.

King Julien: They are always annoying us by trespassing, interrupting our parties and ripping our limbs off.

King Julien: Can you not see you’ve insulted the freak?

King Julien: Don’t you love the people? Not a very lively bunch.

King Julien: Who wipes?

Skipper: Well boys, it’s going to be ice cold sushi for breakfast.

Mort: I liked them first, before I even met them I liked them. You hate them compared to how much I like them.

King Julien: Shut up, you’re so annoying.

King Julien: Maurice, you did not raise your hand therefore your heinous comment will be stricken from the record. Does anyone else have the heebyjeebies? No? Good, so shut up. Now who’d like a cookie?

King Julien: Rise and shinings, wakey wakings Mr Alex.

Marty: Madahuha?
King Julien: No, not huha, ascar.

King Julien: If he is a king where is his crown? I’ve got a crown, a very nice one, it’s here on my head…have I got it on?

King Julien: What’s a simple bite on the buttocks among friends? Here, give me a nibble.

King Julien: The fossas will come back and nibble us with their mouths.

Mort: I’m steak, me, me, me, me.

King Julien: After much profound and deep brain things inside my head.

King Julien: It’s got a gecko on it.

King Julien: Go Stevie, go!

King Julien: Maurice, my arm is tired, wave it for me. Faster you naughty little monkey.

Skipper: Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.


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