Harriet on: New Year, new blog post!


New Year's Eve 2007!

So I’m spending the first day of 2011 sat on my sofa in my pyjamas catching up on tv and reading books. And that’s just the way I like it! Most of all, I’m starting this new decade happy, healthy and with a brilliant set of family and friends.

I’m definitely a completely different person to the Haz who started the Noughties (what are we calling this decade by the way) and I reckon pretty much every change has been for the better. 2010 saw my move over to Redditch in January and since then, things have been on the up really.

Despite bouts of homesickness, I’m very happy here in my little flat and have made it back regularly to see friends and family. And what would life be without them? I knew who my true loved ones were at the start of last year but as time went on, my belief that certain people were the bee’s knees has only been reaffirmed, and I’ve managed to acquire a few other gems on the way as well.

I don’t really set new year’s resolutions, but I would like to blog more in 2011, maybe regularly do a ‘what I’ve been up/what I’ve been thinking’ post and definitely get back on the music stuff.

Here’s to a happy 2011- if I’m as contented when it ends as I was when it started things will be swell 🙂


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