Quotes 14.


Editor discussing the fact that Studley Castle was in Studley: Yeah but you can’t guarantee because Leeds Castle is in Kent.
Editor 2: Yeah and Warwick Castle’s in…err…Warwick.

Reporter talking about someone coming over from the office across the road: Apparently she left five minutes ago.
Editor: I hope she hasn’t gone to get pizza, these things happen.

Editor: I like a good old vulva.

Reporter: Gosh some of the images that come up when you type ‘Swedish’ into Google, my oh my.
Editor: Try typing in ‘fireman with hose’.

Editor: Seven pictures. Five leads. One crisis.

Editor: I’m not interested in the truth.

Editor: Squirrels, I wouldn’t wanna cross one of them.

Reporter: I’d rather eat my own shit than eat Snack-a-Jacks.

Editor pondering the page plans in a despondent voice: Why is everything as tight as arseholes?


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