Ten for ten.


Here’s how it works: I put my iTunes on shuffle and pick my favourite lyric from the ones that come up, no skipping past embarrassing songs and the amount of songs depends on what hour of the day it is. Comprende?


“You’re droolin, you have tooth decay/Your mouth is open, you’re disgusting/What the fuck you eat for lunch/A bunch of sweets or something, what?”
Big Weenie – Eminem.

“Always seem to be on the run/We haven’t spoken in so long/We can’t get past the how are you/We’re not talking like we used to.”
How are we – Bombay Bicycle Club.

“I ain’t go no home, ain’t go shoes, ain’t go no money, ain’t go no class.”
I got life – Nina Simone.

“Don’t look back all you’ll ever get is the dust from the steps before/I don’t have to see you every day, but I just wan’t to know you’re there.”
Don’t look back – She and Him.

“And I know tomorrow/Will still be the same/Cuz we got a life of love/That won’t ever change.”
Always and forever – Luther Vandross.

“I’m laughing at clouds/So dark, up above/The sun’s in my heart/And I’m ready for love.”
Singing in the rain/umbrella – Glee Cast.

“It’s not what you say, the words that you use/It’s every move that you make/There are many jokes, that keep me amused/But no one laughs our way.”
The mad hatter – Cast.

“Take a lesson/From the ones who have been there/My brain is not damaged/But in need of some repair.”
Modern way – The Cribs.

“I see her laughing at the rain that hits her face/With her arms stretched open soaking in the love/In a world she found so hard she finds so beautiful/There’s a hope in her deep inside from you.”
Amy says – Flyleaf.

“Though I know that evening’s empire has returned into sand/Vanished from my hand/Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping/My weariness amazes me, I am branded on my feet/I have no one to meet/And the ancient empty street’s too dead for dreaming.
Mr Tambourine man – Bob Dylan.


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