Sex sells. Sexism doesn’t.


Yep, you knew it would happen. I’m wading my big size-seven female shoes into the sexist remark argument that’s currently ruling the roost in the discussions of ordinary folk across the country. And taking up a LOT of airtime as well of course.

Now, because I’m a woman I’m not going to pretend to understand football. I’m far too busy thinking about things like my nails and shopping. That was a joke. See, women make jokes too!

Seriously, I have no interest in football whatsoever and haven’t followed this story enough to know the complete in and outs of what happened. Suffice to say, they effed up.  Now, across the country every minute of every hour of every day, a man makes a joke at the expense of a woman. (And of course it happens the other way around as well) but most men are sensible enough to do it towards the right person at the right time.

The boys in my office will have a banter with me because they know a) I can take it, b) it’s not going to cost them their jobs and c) I’ll have a go right back. But most of them have enough braincells to work out that it wouldn’t be appropriate to, say, make a sexist joke on the phone to an important contact or write one in a story.

These men are clearly aware of the work they do and that things can get out. So make a joke in the dressing room all you like, or even at home, or at the pub with your mates – but don’t make it where people who might get annoyed can hear you. Surely this is common sense?

This man needs to be ridiculed by every woman he sees in the street! True, Loose Women is not our most refined television show but seriously, does he think he’s the target audience? Women like jokes about men, men like jokes about woman. Get a life, grow up, get over it. And stop whimpering about the fact you haven’t had man flu.

Anyway, must get back into the kitchen…


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