Review: Skins series 5.


In all honesty, I’m a little unsure what to make of last night’s Skins episode – the first of season five. The focus seemed to be on Franky, who may become this year’s Effy (even if they try, she will clearly never be as amazing as Effy though!). I feel like she’s going to have the tendancy to become a bit annoying and I hope they don’t carry on with the theme of her just being bullied, she needs some other storylines as well.

Mini is maybe this season’s Katy? Loving her hair a lot and her earrings but not sure I love her. Liv and Grace have annoyed me already and to be honest I didn’t really take a lot of notice of any of the other characters. (How much does Liv look like Jal from the first generation though?)

Somehow I didn’t feel like I was watching Skins, maybe because Effy wasn’t in it, maybe because it was all just a little bit tame. Maybe this was a gentle easing back into the world of the Skins characters or maybe the third generation really are just boring?

Definitely looking forward to seeing how they develop it and seeing whether we can learn to take any of these characters to our hearts like we did with the first and second gen. And obviously looking forward to the film in the summer! Good times.


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  1. hello I am monica from USA, read my blog i write quite a lot about UK Skins. In it i did a review about series and 5. I totally agree with you with frank effey thing, i sensed that right away bc she reminded me of effey.
    Liv thats her name i forgot it she did not stand out to me at all only that she looks just like jal. Read my review of this new series on my blog and let me know what your think

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