Harriet on: celebrity culture.


Yes, it’s that time again when I mouth off about things I have an opinion on (which is most things, yes I know). This time I want to talk a little bit about celebrity culture. Now anyone who knows me will know I’m a massive fan of gossip mags like Heat and am forever on the Daily Mail website (what a thing to admit!) on the Femail section looking at their hilariously pointless 1,000 word long articles on how x looks in their bikini or what y wore to that film premiere.

But I’d like to think I’ve got enough sense not to rush out and buy a perfume/dress/haircut just because I’ve seen it on someone deemed to be ‘famous’ and ‘cool’. Sure, if I liked a dress and it suited me, it wouldn’t dissuade me from buying it because someone famous had worn it, but that wouldn’t be the reason for the purchase. I actually think you can learn something about what you DON’T want to be like from these people.

Of course, the problem lies with those who are looking at someone like Katie Price and then rushing out to pump their faces and boobs full of chemicals or to marry and divorce someone quicker than you can say peas. It’s those people that have the cynical ‘I don’t care what Rihanna’s new haircut looks like’ types shaking their head in annoyance. And they have every right to be annoyed. Especially when you look at the truly terrifying aspirations of little boys and girls who want to be glamour models or footballers, not because it’s a viable career choice which plays to their strengths, but because of the money and lifestyle (and looks) associated with these jobs.

But then those little boys and girls do need someone to look up to and, quite frankly, if you stick a biography of a politician or a doctor in front of their noses, they’re probably not going to be that interested. The truth is that the world of celebrity makes for interesting reading. Yes it’s not going to affect my life any if Britney Spears has lost it again or the creepy little Justin Beiber has bagged himself a 30-year-old girlfriend, but it is going to catch my attention and help me pass five minutes not thinking about my own life which, by comparison, isn’t that newsworthy! I can still enjoy my life and, while we’d all like to have things others have got, is this not part of life anyway? And surely it actually encourages people to have ambition? Maybe wanting to be Katie Price is not the way forward for anyone (does KP even want to be herself?) but wanting to be a successful business woman? Wanting to be able to provide for your family? Wanting to be able to spend time doing what you enjoy? That’s something we should definitely be promoting.


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    • I think ‘nearly true’ is stretching it a little. I especially enjoy ‘a friend close to…’ which essentially means the journo themselves haha.

      On a side note, Heat only costs £1.65 and is available in all good newsagents. And this week is in a bundle with More for £2. Essentially it does mean I’ve paid 35p for a magazine I didn’t want to read but ah well.

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