More from 624.


Mand: It looks like a shiny orb of star.

Bex: My friend Becky’s called Becky.

Drunk Priya: My mom would never let my titties get out and about.

Elle: Have you seen Animals of Farthing Wood? I used to fancy the fox.

Priya: That’s Priya Kadara. P. R. I. Y. A.
Mr Heath: I’m sure if I write pain in the bum Mrs Antrobus will know who I’m on about.

Priya: Your cow has a bus pass.

Priya: Is your mom a Buddhist?
April: No, she’s just a tit.

Mrs Gould: Sorry for ruining your enjoyment of everything in life.

Mrs Antrobus: What did you do today? I got put in a fridge by Mrs Antrobus.

Priya: He makes up stories like his mom died in childbirth which is true but you know.

April: There are two twins.

Bex: I’d prefer to go with Gok cause he’d just tell me to get my bangers out and anyone who tells me that is my friend.

Beks: Where is everyone?
Saleha: Manda’s got her driving lesson.

Lucy: I’m stuck…I think a bit of Aled Jones might get my juices flowing.

Soph W: My friend touched Michael Jackson’s gate.
Mrs Antrobus: Your friend touched Michael Jackson’s what now?!

Luce: What’s the difference between the circle of life and a life cycle?

Elle: We’re all promiscuous because we eat too many tomatoes.

Jen: Isn’t Bill Clinton the guy in charge of Microsoft?

Hayley: If I was gay I’d be the man one.

Drunk Manda: Fuck it in my cockit.
Translation: Put it in my pocket.

Question: How many entries are there in your dictionary?
Priya: Does it tell you or do we have to count them?

Elle: My dictionary’s so crap it doesn’t even have the word aardvark in it.
Priya: I bet it doesn’t even have the word ‘a’ in it.
Elle: Damnit…my dictionary doesn’t even have the word ‘a’ in it.

Interviewer: Do you read children’s literature?
Priya: Yes, I have a collection of Mr Men.

Pudz: Heath Ledger dying’s such a waste of hotness.

Priya: Knackered sounds like naked.

Priya: Japan is not in this country.

Manda (who does costume design at uni): Yeah I hope I don’t have to sew a button on through uni.

Mrs Antrobus: Ram raiding is when you drive a car through a shop window.
*Long pause*
Sophie: Oh, is the window not open?

Bex: If I was a bird I would definitely nest in my own hair.

Jen: Why would you want to burn something that supports you?’ You’d think that the feminists would have wanted to burn boys things like boxers or something, not their own stuff.


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