Review: 10 O’Clock Live.


Despite everyone having seen David Mitchell drop his cup onto the floor around 79,000 times before it ever aired, since the first episode of 10 O’Clock Live kicked off, it doesn’t seem to have had much publicity – and what I have read has been pretty negative.

I’m going to go against the grain here and say I quite like it. I still think it could be better. My main gripe is that Lauren Laverne, whilst being very pretty, glamorous and a fairly okay presenter, isn’t actually that funny. Why didn’t they get a female comedian to complete the quartet? What about someone like Josie Long? Okay she hasn’t got the glam factor but she’s well known to Channel 4 and at least she makes an attempt at jokes.

I absolutely love Jimmy Carr (and the fact that he just rips it out of everyone he’s interviewing) but he does seem like a watered-down version of the person you see in his DVDs. I suppose that’s a fairly obvious point, it’s on tv, it has to stay on the right side of the line (take note Frankie Boyle). Despite it being widely panned by critics, I do think his ‘travel’ segment on Tunisia in one of the earlier shows was hilarious.

While I’m not usually David Mitchell’s greatest fan, I do think Listen to Mitchell has been the highlight of most of the shows, alongside Jimmy’s news round-up at the start. Charlie Brooker is great, why don’t they let him interview people? I expect because he’d be horrible to them, but I do want to see him doing more.

I like the fact that you do learn stuff and they do have interesting interviewees and one of the main strengths of the programme is the fact they’ve managed to balance the political stuff with the jokes. But I just feel like it’s not quite there, I want to be rolling around in my seat laughing my face off but it’s not quite happening for me.


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