Daily Post topic #41 – Describe your dream vacation.


Okay, I tried to do this really fancy (well not that fancy, it basically involved a few arrows drawn on Paint) picture of where in the world I’d visited and where I’d like to visit, but the Blog Gods decided that my diagram wouldn’t work properly so we’re back to old-fashioned words, none of this technical shite.

I’m going to rename this post ‘describing my ideal holiday’ as we’re not in America. But that’s where I’d quite like to be. I’d love to do a massive tour around America, do all the tourism hot-spots, you know – betting my life away in a Las Vegas casino, staring in wonder at the Grand Canyon, shopping in New York, spotting the celebs in LA. But also maybe go off the beaten track and see some of the ‘real’ America. I think it’d be ace.

I’ve got a real desire to go to Italy, I’ve never been and I think it’d be pretty great, if anyone wants to volunteer to take me there I’ll receive the gift gratefully! I’d also like to go to New Zealand to see my best friend who’s been out there for four years.

I think those are the main places which spring to mind but also on the list of places I’d like to go to before I die are: Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Australia, more of the African countries, the Carribean and Madagascar (obviously just to see the legend that is King Julien).

Part of me would love to just go travelling right now, take a year out and see all the sights. Maybe I should have done it before getting myself a job but now I think I’m too settled to go! I would love to explore more places in the UK as well, maybe even live in a few. I’ve never been to Ireland so it would be fab to go there and also to get back into the swing of going to Scotland a lot like I used to as a child. And some of the big cities which I’ve never been to.

There’s definitely a traveller (as in rucksacks not caravans!) in me somewhere that needs to come out!


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