My review of 10pm Thursday television – Skins, Celebrity Juice and 10 O’Clock Live.


Firstly, I would like to put in a small complaint to the nice people who organise which programmes air when. If you could all have a little chat each week and make sure three programmes I desperately want to see aren’t on at the same time, then I’d really appreciate it. Two, I can handle. This is what +1 channels were made for surely? Fortunately the invention of the lovely internet sites where you can catch up on tv you were too busy/asleep to see first time has meant I got to watch all three programmes in the end.

First up was Celebrity Juice. Mere words cannot describe how much I love this programme, a good 45 minutes of the mad-cap Keith Lemon PLUS the amazingness that is Fearne Cotton is almost too much for my tiny, celeb-infested mind to handle. But thankfully I got through the programme with a small amount of water to calm me down and a lot of LOLLING.
Yes, it’s vulgar. Yes, Keith Lemon (created by the legend that is Leigh Francis) is oh-so-crude but that’s just the delight of it all.
Rufus Hound is also pretty funny and I enjoyed the ‘slightly less intelligent’ side of each panel ie Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash (hair jealously also. For Stacey, not Joe). I just love the randomness and the catch phrases such as ‘potato’, ‘or if you’re American…’ and ‘if I don’t see you through week, I’ll see you through window’ to name but a few.
Slightly missing Jedward (that is my only complaint).

Then my little square tv-watching eyes were averted to E4+1 and the third in the new series of Skins. I’m still not sure I like this cast that much and they are definitely nothing on generations one and two, but still it’s pretty good tv.
I liked hearing more of Mini’s story, although I felt some bits (ie Franky coming over to talk to her at the after-party) were a little predictable. I’m not sure what’s going on with the metallic cycling shorts though. And how random was Kelly Brook’s appearance as some kind of bizarre cat-woman shouting thing? Also, how much did Mini do for the sales of fake tan and falsies as she looked about a million times better with them.
Grace is still annoying me a little, I still can’t get over how much Liv looks like Jal and I’m not sure I like any of the rest of them.
I will still continue watching though! Maybe it’ll improve. Or maybe the heyday of Skins really is over. (Quite interested in watching the American version to see how naff it is).

Finally (deep breath), the magic of 4OD allowed me to watch 10 O’Clock Live. I’m still liking it, but I’m not loving it. Mainly tuning in for ‘Listen to Mitchell’ and Jimmy’s bits. And some bits did genuinely make me laugh, while others genuinely taught me something I didn’t know before. However, I still find Lauren Laverne’s parts a bit of a snooze fest and I don’t think they’re properly utilising Charlie Brooker. As a massive Carr fan, I hate to say this but I think Mitchell’s stealing the show, especially as I think he seems the most politically-aware (and able to put it across best).


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