Daily Post #45 what would you say to yourself ten years ago?


If you could go back in time and have a 5 minute conversation with yourself ten years ago, what would you say?

So I reckon this topic isn’t aimed at people in my age bracket, but I still reckon it’d be pretty cool to go back ten years and speak to Harriet aged ten. What would I tell myself? I’d say: don’t worry about childhood squabbles and playground arguments, eventually you’ll figure out who your friends are, and who the people you just spend time with are. Don’t rush into things, no matter how much you might want something at the time, it might be practical to wait until later. Value your mother, she’s so much funnier than you give her credit for and one day you will really respect her for the person she is and the advice she gives. Say goodbye properly, you only get the chance to do it once.

When you make a massive decision that everyone is against, go with it. It’s the best damn decision you ever made and will lead you on a path of meeting the funniest/best/weirdest people, putting more work into something than you ever thought possible but ultimately doing something every day that puts a smile on your face.

Watch out for hockey balls and uneven pavements, your face will never be the same again.
Don’t drink wine on an empty stomach.
Most of all, have fun, throw your head back and laugh until you cry at every opportunity, you will get through anything that’s bothering you and wonder why you spent so long dwelling on it.

(If I’m still blogging in ten years, someone remind me to do this again to see what the 30-year-old me says to the current one!)


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