Quotes 18.


Reporter: Is it acceptable to go to Spoons and eat dinner on your own?
Photographer: It is if you’re an alcoholic.

Reporter talking about being too loud: It’s the clogs isn’t it? I’ll try and remember not to bring them to work in future.

Editor 1: You’re telling me we’re doing a story about two dogs getting married, two pretend cartoon dogs?
Editor 2: No, that comes later.
Editor 1: Oh that’s alright then, as long as we’re not doing it now.

Editor: Control and Shift my ass.

Reporter: I’m gonna throw something at you.
Editor: As long as it’s a picture caption it’s fine.

Editor repeatedly slamming keys on his keyboard: Do you think if I had a computer that works I’d be less fucking angry all the time?

Editor answering the phone: Hello, news sex.

Editor: Bedroom with useful fitted wardrobes? What as opposed to wardrobes where you’ve sealed the doors or filled it in with concrete? The bedroom has wardrobes but unfortunately they’ve got a massive hole in the back and the hooks are broken but still, it’s got wardrobes.


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